Having firmly established themselves as a leading Forestry contractor, Coombes UK have diversified over the last decade into the Rail, Environmental and Civil Engineering industries, whilst maintaining their enviable and renowned expertise in Forestry.

Notable works carried out within these four sectors include site clearance, vegetation, fencing, stabilisation works, and ecological surveys.

With a focus on client care, as well as treating their duty of care for the environment and ecology on all the sites they visit as a top priority, Coombes continue to lead the way in their four fields of expertise.

It is this philosophy and work ethic that has ensured they have remained at the forefront of their industry for the last ten years, and has lead to major contracts with companies such as Network Rail, SSE, RSPB, the Environmental Agency and Crown Estates to name a few.

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The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:
Europe investing in Rural Areas


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