Social Value


Coombes over the last 5 years have taken significant steps in making an enhanced level of contribution to our social performance in our representation of Network Rail, from planning stage of any project to the delivery of work in connecting with local communities and fundamentally, being a caring neighbour.

Planning of Works

On contract award we firstly assess each site of work, environmental makeup, surrounding neighbourhood/s and general community composition. We carefully evaluate Network Rails remit before considering the practical methodology of workscope delivery in the safest manner (considering Varley Report and RSSB’s Rail Sustainable Development Principles).

This information is used in our assessment of the lineside neighbourhood and wider community to build up a plan of delivering the work in the quickest manner possible, with minimal impact. We endeavour that our interaction at each stage will have a positive effect to lineside neighbours, rather than a negative one by the following process:

Planning Stage Considerations:

Consultation Neighbours/Stakeholder Interaction/Planning of Works

Engagement of Neighbouring Communities

Noise & the Environment