Arboricultural Services

Tree & Vegetation Management

Coombes is a leading supplier of comprehensive tree and vegetation management services to Network Rail, construction and utilities companies, as well as private and public landowners across the UK. No matter how big or small the project, we are capable of handling it.

Tree and Vegetation Management services

  • Commercial vegetation clearance
  • Domestic tree surgery operations
  • Planting and reinstatement
  • Weed management
  • Invasive species control
  • Ash dieback management
  • Emergency response work
  • Tree assessments and surveys
  • Ecological surveys
  • Reporting

Vegetation management team

Consisting of fully NPTC qualified staff with experience in large complex projects, all staff from managers and surveyors, to aerial climbers and ground staff are all trained in the use of the latest and most up to date equipment and techniques, allowing us to deliver truly innovative vegetation management services to the industry.

Our in-house project and possession planners and safety critical staff take care of all aspects of project planning, including (but not limited to) SSOW packs, site access, compound setup and welfare arrangements, ensuring hassle free and successful delivery of all Railway Infrastructure and commercial projects.

Our vegetation management team are also supported by our team of ecologists and GIS mapping experts, allowing us to supply our own ecological reports and recommendations, while also ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

Site Clearance

Our experienced arborists and vegetation specialists are supported by our fleet of modern forestry machines and on-track plant, giving us the ability to tackle the most challenging projects quickly and efficiently.

Site Clearance

Modern, efficient equipment and machinery

Modern, efficient and immaculately maintained machinery is utilised to deliver works efficiently and safely.

With our own fleet of modern road rail vehicles and specially designed forestry machinery, complete with purpose-built attachments, we can drastically improve efficiency during planned works, enabling us to deliver projects on time, and on budget.

On-Track Plant

Environmental support

As a company specialising in both forestry and ecology services, we take a careful but pragmatic approach to vegetation management. In addition to meeting our clients' practical and aesthetic needs, we also consider the environmental impact of any project and aim to enhance your site's habitat and biodiversity whenever possible by using the expertise of our in-house ecologists.

Ecology services

GIS Mapping

Using GIS mapping, we can identify accurate locations of trees, professional surveys and recommended action plans and supply reports linking specific geographical coordinates to help you manage your vegetation efficiently.

We then layer this data on top of satellite imagery or an OS basemap, which allows us to determine how close vegetation is to buildings and infrastructure, thereby allowing us to identify and assess any potentially hazardous vegetation or tree growth.

Ash dieback management

Ash dieback, caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (formerly known as Chalara fraxinea) is unfortunately becoming increasingly more widespread across the whole of the UK.

The infection can cause leaf loss and dead/decaying branches throughout the canopy of Ash trees, affecting the structural integrity of the tree itself and leaving them susceptible to other fungi, pests and diseases. Affected trees located near infrastructure, traffic and pedestrians pose a serious safety risk to the public.

As a result of our investment in specialised machinery and our vast experience in dealing with dangerous trees we can safely dismantle or fell infected Ash trees, even on the most challenging to access sites including challenging steep and rough terrain.

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Environmental Services

We are committed to helping our clients operate responsibly and in line with all relevant legislation. We’re proud to offer a range of services that support environmental and ecological sustainability.

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