Our services are categorised into 4 different sectors; Rail & Utilities, Forestry, Environmental and Civil Engineering, with many areas of expertise covering more than one sector - for example arboriculture is not only associated with the Forestry sector, it is also relevant in the work we undertake on the Railways.

Key areas where we specialise include arboriculture, fencing, stabilisation works, ecological surveys, site clearance, timber harvesting, ground preparation, forest establishment, restoration & conservation, watercourse management, access roads, retaining walls, embankment cutting / grading, drainage and plant / machinery safety.

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  • I have no hesitation in supplying the reference below in support of Coombes application for inclusion on the National Vegetation Framework Contract. Coombes Forestry have been instrumental in clearing several miles of lineside vegetation through some difficult cuttings at a busy time of the season on the BAE and the Bournemouth Main line. From the start, Coombes put a great deal of effort into the scoping stage, identifying works necessary over and above the specification which were essential for the safety of the line and jointly drew up a specification with our team that suited each of the worksites. The teams of arborists were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about delivering an excellent service. I was particularly impressed with the plant and machinery used to do this work, all large trees and timber was cleared during line blockages, without the need for T3 possessions. Coombes identified dangerous fallen trees and tree stumps in the Wallers Ash cutting and jointly worked with the Maintenance team to plan and execute their removal using RRV’s. I would rate Coombes as not only competent and professional when dealing with difficult sites efficiently, but also a company who are friendly to deal with, put a great deal of effort into getting the job done right, with safety at the core of their operation and are very trustworthy.
    Carl Dunkley
    Network Rail
  • Coombes forestry have undertaken lineside vegetation management work for Network Rail on the Sussex Area (SE Route). They have proved to be a safe, efficient and reliable contractor who I have no hesitation in recommending. In particular they have proved capable of undertaking difficult aerial surgery works without incident and have demonstrated an ability to work carefully and safely in challenging conditions on one of the busiest railway networks in the country. Works undertaken have included felling and sectional dismantling of hazardous lineside tress, cutting slope tree clearances and hand herbicide treatment, throughout Sussex. They have also proved proficient working in conjunction with Road Rail Vehicles (RRV) and other associated on track plant, including rail mounted flails and wood chippers. Coombes have proved to be a competent and professional company, making particular effort to safely deliver jobs to time and I have no hesitation in recommending Coombes as a main contractor for the management of of vegetation for Network Rail.
    Mike Bradford
    Network Rail
  • Thanks to all of you for assisting with the application and supporting documentation. Although there is still a lot of work ahead of us, this is a major step forward in progressing works in Oxford and the wider area.
    Paul Bateman BSc (Hons)
    Scheme Project Manager - Network Rail
  • Very professional with excellent communications and deliver contracts timely to a high standard and at a competitive rate. All staff are extremely helpful, positive and take responsibility resolving on-site problems in liaison with site managers.
    Kevin Penfold
    Penfold Woodland Management