Focus On: Plant and the Environment


Something we have always been proud of here at Coombes is our commitment to own and operate the very latest plant and machinery. Not only is this more efficient for our customers and our plant operators, it serves a very important role from an environmental point of view too, with every update to a Forwarder, for example, John Deere will push the boundaries in fuel efficiency, manufacturing techniques and serviceability. This represents very real benefits to the environment and also to our customers in terms of time and therefore cost.

In this video you can see some of our plant at work during a half mile site clearance project prior to a substation installation. One of our John Deere Harvesters is used to safely fell trees and cuts them into 2.4m lengths to be used as a saleable item.

A John Deere Forwarder is then used to transport all timber to roadside as a saleable product. This plant also removes scrap from the site.

Excavators are used to remove tree stumps with rooting forks, also to grade and level access road into the site.

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