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Coombes is committed to helping organisations across public and private sectors to work environmentally responsibly and stay compliant with all associated legislation. We achieve this through a well-refined range of habitat-focused services.

Habitat Management Services

Invasive species consultancy, remediation and treatment

UK law states that landowners and developers are responsible for keeping any invasive species on their property under control, due to the threat they pose to local ecosystems. The late discovery or mismanagement of invasive species could also scupper or delay your development plans. 

Coombes’ invasive species team can help you to identify, manage and mitigate potential or existing issues with Japanese knotweed, floating pennywort, bamboo, giant hogweed and more. We’ll take the time to understand your circumstances before determining the best way to keep your site compliant and your development plans moving forward.

Environmental watching brief

Coombes can help developers to operate efficiently and confidently on environmentally sensitive sites by sending environmental experts or teams to provide on-hand support while works are being carried out.

With previous assessments and mitigation guidance to hand, our experts can prepare relevant documents, answer management and operative questions and help you stay in line with your own environmental objectives and all relevant legislation.

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Wildlife fencing for trapping and translocation

In instances where an ecologist – from Coombes or elsewhere – has advised trapping and translocation of a protected species, we can put the process into action.

We supply and install pitfall traps, as well as a range of wildlife containment and exclusion fencing ready to be used in different circumstances and environments. The specific type of fencing we use will depend on what you need to achieve and the wildlife species in question, which will be provided in a mitigation strategy.

Once installed, our ecologists can carry out the translocation of the protected species to ensure you stay compliant with legislation and progress your development.

Habitat creation and restoration

In cases where developments negatively impact or destroy wildlife habitats, planning conditions usually require replacement habitats to be created nearby – especially when protected species are involved. Habitat creation or restoration can also help your site meet biodiversity net gain requirements.

Coombes can design, create and restore habitats for all ecosystems, helping to re-home mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, invertebrates and rare plants. This is a service we provide across a range of landscapes, from wetland and woodland to coasts, estuaries and riversides.

Vegetation management

As a company specialising in both forestry and ecology services, Coombes takes a careful but pragmatic approach to vegetation management. Our goal is to meet your practical and aesthetic needs while also enhancing your site’s biodiversity where possible.

We achieve this using a range of manual and machine techniques to carry out services such as tree and sectional felling, crown lifting, whole tree chipping and stump grinding and removal. What’s more, we can do it on any scale: from small, ecologically sensitive sites to large-scale clearances on brownfield sites.

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