Coombes Civil Engineering started with the construction of access roads into forests we actively clear, enabling timber lorries to extract our harvested timber. Today we are providing a wide range of engineering solutions to clients needing a single point of contact to deliver enabling, reactive and off-track works in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Civil Engineering endeavours comprise

Access Roads
Coombes now construct access roads into many sites to our clients specification. This is a natural progression following the site clearance works, minimising overall cost as our machines are already on site.
Retaining Walls

Coombes have built retaining walls of all sizes and specifications, often in difficult to reach areas.

Embankment Cutting / Grading

Coombes excavators are frequently involved in grading cuttings and embankments where land slides have occurred.

Proactively - Coombes will identify areas of potential land movement following de-vegetation and consult with our clients earthworks engineers to propose a strategy for grinding tree stumps and re-grading.

Our proactive grading works will quite often feature installing drainage systems to aid the flow of rain and ground water away from site.
Plant / Machinery Safety

Our time on site is of critical importance to us and it is equally important that our plant & machinery at all times is safe, reliable and working to its optimum.

To this end, it is Coombes preference to own all of our plant and machinery outright with a maintenance regime that sees every machine replaced within a three year period.

We like to think about the bigger picture - so enquire with us first if you have a site which needs clearing prior to your project starting - we could save you time and money in delivering all your enabling works.